Singapore Before Christmas

For the second time in my life, I spent my Christmas holiday not in my home country. This Christmas I went to Singapore – for job purpose. Trip date: 19-24 December 2012, flight: Lion Air (CGK-SIN) and AirAsia (SIN-CGK). Thanks God there were no delays at all, everything was smooth as expected unless I was in high fever shortly after going back to Jakarta and I had to skip the work until today.

Here are the pics.

Note for this journey:

  • I passed my first night in Sengkang, but then moved out as the room was not quiet at all. Baby crying, people talking, hot room, not comfy pillow, etc. But the host was very kind, she was Indonesian from Surabaya, married to a friendly Singaporean guy. The couple had a baby girl.
  • I spent my next days in Yishun. Before coming to this place, I ever made a book three months before in this apartment for my parents (so when I felt wrong in Sengkang, I called them and moved in no time). The host was also Indonesian and from Surabaya as well, married to Malaysian and at that time she just gave a birth to a baby girl. Yet the baby was not a big thing. The host also asked her maid to cook instant noodle with fried egg for me and to sit down together with her for dinner. She also offered me to have my clothes washed and ironed with no fee at all. It was 10 SGD per day higher than the Sengkang’s but worth.
  • I spent my days in Singapore by doing my job at that time and its administration, spent the night and Saturday with close friend – who moved to Singapore a year before. Re-rode the famous Angry Birds cable car, shopping stuffs, Orchard sightseeing.
  • Because I’ve ever been to Singapore before, nothing big note for me at this trip.

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