Copy ipconfig to Notepad

Your technical support called you, he asked you to write down the IP Address, DNS, Default Gateway, MAC Address, etc and you were working as business user, for sure you would be confused and it caused lot of pain especially when it had to be done through remote. “Okay I will send you email, but should I write down all of this manually?” you told your technical support.

The answer is no, what you have to do is just a simple step and can be performed by everyone in the world without deep knowledge about tweaking, hacking, programming, networking, etc. To reduce your pain instantly, just follow these steps (I assume you are Windows users):

Open Command Prompt on Windows by writing cmd on windows start.

Open Command Prompt
Open Command Prompt

Then, just type this command: ipconfig | clip then hit enter, like this:

Ipconfig |clip
Ipconfig |clip

Paste on your email body or notepad then send away to your technical support, let them finish their task, that is not your part anymore.

The Result
The Result

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