Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2 days trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. January 2016. Some notable points:

  • Entry fee for Petronas tower is 84 MYR (at the time I visited Kuala Lumpur). The entry ticket used to be free, but since it was quite expensive, it’s better not to enter. But if you are like me (I was really curious what’s inside the tower), you better go. Nothing to see, the view is exactly like what people post on blogs and nothing special.
  • Monopod is strictly prohibited in Petronas tower, if you bring a backpack it’s also prohibited. Your bag will be stored in a safe locker box before the entry gate.
  • Uber taxi in Malaysia is relatively cheap. Considering the taxi service in Kuala Lumpur is not really good (they never use argometer), using Uber might be a good idea.
  • Spare around 2 hours to depart to airport, there is Kuala Lumpur express that reaches airport from city centre in 30 minutes, but if you go with Skybus or other bus you have to spend more than 1.5 hours – 2 hours on the road (depends on traffic too).
  • Tips if you want to fly with AirAsia and want to have meal on board, I suggest you to purchase your food online. You’ll get free mini drink water (100 ml) and cheaper price. If you buy directly on board, you won’t get them. I bought Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser via online while departing from Jakarta and ordered offline while departing from Kuala Lumpur. Price difference is around 0.8 USD (10000 IDR).

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