My Very First Flight to Europe

There is always first time for everything, including my travel experience. This time, for very first time, I travelled to other continent and I chose KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) to fly me from Jakarta, Indonesia to Amsterdam, The Netherlands and then to Stockholm, Sweden with stopover around 1 hour at Kuala Lumpur.

The journey itself happened last year, almost a year ago but hopefully it’s still something worth to publish.

What happened next is I was in Europe for 18 days and travelled to several countries. Sweden was the first (and the last).

This trip also left me some remarkable points:

  1. Like post title, it was my first experience to Europe and other continent besides Asia.
  2. First ever using Airbnb accomodation service, it was a nice experience although there was a bit of misunderstanding in the very last accomodation in Stockholm.
  3. First ever tried to ride train acrossed three (3) countries in three hours: Netherlands, Belgium, and France by using Thalys train service.
  4. Visited Stockholm twice, Amsterdam three times in 18 days span.
  5. Visited Schipol Airport three times (when arrived and transitted to Stockholm, when I visited Amsterdam, arrived from Stockholm, and when I departured to my country another transit to Amsterdam).
  6. First ever tried to speak another language besides my native and English (when I visited Spain and no one seemed was able to speak English).

More on the next post.


One thought on “My Very First Flight to Europe

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