Stockholm Trip

As promised on previous post, this is the timeline about my journey to Stockholm, Sweden. This was my first experience in Europe and I was a bit shocked about temperature difference with my current town, it was autumn but still cold, welcome to capital city of Scandinavia.

Actually, I was twice visited Stockholm but since the second one was very short (less than 24 hours), I only put pictures from my first trip. Some notable notes:

  • It was my very first experience booked a room to stay by using Airbnb. My host was an expat from France. Actually, I didn’t know what his job was, he stayed in apartment all the day but left to London in my third day – my last day there. He was very nice and accommodated all of my needs. On the day he departed to London, I also would depart to Amsterdam. He left a light breakfast, oat and corn with milk but it was fulfilling enough. Until now, I saw he never opened his apartment for Airbnb business again.
  • I still wonder that I was brave enough to go to a city with more than 10,000 km away and almost 24 hours of air trip from my home but I didn’t buy any single sim card for my phone. I really depended on my offline map and directions which was sent by my host before my arrival. He sent me an instruction to open the digital key which I never operated or seen before. I was a bit struggling to open it at the beginning, with those luggage accompanied me. But thanks God finally I made it.
  • Arlanda airport is actually a bit far from Stockholm city. To get to the city, you may need to take a bus. Some buses are expensive enough, but offer a very nice time to transport. I chose Flygbussarna, it was cheap enough but I had to travel around 1,5 hours to get to the city. It was fair enough then.
  • On Saturday, most of Swedish people are staying at home to have lunch – I think. I was struggling to get lunch on my second visit. Fortunately I found a nice Spanish restaurant in Drottninggatan, sorry I forgot the restaurant name.
  • Walpurgis night is celebrated every year on April 30 or May 1 on some occasions.

I will add more if I remember.


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