Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Notable notes:

  • I ordered Amsterdam Canal Cruise by online before departing to Europe and I tried to catch the cruise on my first day in Amsterdam but totally failed since it was so late to take the last journey. It was Saturday and the tour was bit crowded than usual.
  • The famous Iamsterdam letters can be found in front of Rijksmuseum and Schiphol Airport. Thanks to my brief search about Amsterdam, the letter set I only knew was in Rijksmuseum and it was crowded. I came back several times to the place but still, I could not get the clear picture, too much people – young and old took the picture there. I had only known that the second letter set can be found in Schiphol. Surely when I come back to Amsterdam one day, I will take the picture in the airport with those letters.
  • Amsterdam ArenA stadium tour was a very short one. Limited pictures could be taken and there was a tour guide. Unlike the stadium I visited in Spain, the tour guide will check your presence all the time and make sure that you did not sit on the bench, did not take pictures over and over again and then make lot of queue. But the positive thing is, you definitely get your turn to take photos.
  • Don’t forget to tap in when you board to the tram and tap again before leaving. It’s important.
  • Don’t walk on bicycle line, since it’s Amsterdam and lot of bicycles cross everytime, make sure you walk on pedestrian line. I was shouted by local citizen who rode bicycle once I crossed on “his” way.

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