Paris, France

Paris is a dream for almost everyone, a romantic city that offers nice views, popular shops, famous art museums and galleries. I did make my own journey to the capital city of France last year yet it was a short trip (3 days and 2 nights actually). Unfortunately, I think this one was not my favorite. Nevertheless, here are the pictures from the trip.

Some notes:

  • Montparnasse Tour is not pleasuring, some people say if you can’t go to Eiffel you can enjoy Paris view from Montparnasse – which I think is not exactly true. Based on my experience which I went there in the noon, you may try to go there in the night, the view may be more satisfying.
  • Beware of scams and pickpockets especially in popular sites such as Louvre, around Eiffel tower, and Sacre Coeur. Some offer keychains or keyrings but they grab your hand. They often come in groups, barely act individually without backings. Just try to be calm and avoid them as quick as possible and you may want to try another trick that I applied in Sacre Coeur, I pretended to join a Chinese or Japanese group by walking around them while climbing down the stairs.
  • Keep in mind that you have to be careful about your belongings while in Paris, but don’t be nervous because of that. That’s what happened to me so I did not enjoy Paris at the max.

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