Cathay Pacific Travel Fair, 23-26 February 2017

Last weekend, I had a chance to visit Travel Fair from a famous airline from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific. I have experience with them before when I traveled from Jakarta to Hong Kong in May 2013. I remember the aircraft was new and comfy, the best airplane I ever tried, left me a very sweet memories about this airplane. I also considered CX for my next trip to Europe but at that time I decided to buy SQ instead, considering the price, timetable, and spent time for the journey.

Souvenirs From Cathay Pacific
Souvenirs From Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific Travel Fair, 23-26 February 2017
Cathay Pacific Travel Fair, 23-26 February 2017

Because I was very busy with my work, I didn’t know they would hold another travel fair venue until I was notified in email: “Cathay Pacific Travel Fair with HSBC as main sponsor, 23-26 February 2017, Central Park Mall, Jakarta”.

As I was hunting for year end holiday tickets, I came to the venue on Saturday but the price was not really cheap I think, 3.35 million per passenger. I still wanted to compare with competitor – which also had travel fair during the same period at a mall near Pondok Indah area. So I came by the Sunday just to know that I would be disappointed.

After checking competitor’s price, I found it was not good at all. The seat for my selected date was only for three seats remaining. We are four to go. The seller advised to separate the team into two. The price? 3.1 million. I wrote down the name of passengers and the sales told me again, “Sorry, the correct price is 3.3 million!” Plus, I’ll have to transit in Singapore both in go and return journey, no direct flight.

I left and gear up the speed into Central Park mall on that afternoon. Checking the price was still relatively the same with the day before (believe it or not the price was cheaper 10000 than yesterday!) and I don’t have to transit. The difference is only 40000 so why I had to save 160000 just to spend more time by transiting in the place which was not my destination? In no time, the transaction had been completed, moreover I was handed souvenirs from Cathay Pacific, 2 drink bottles and 2 sim cards.

The only disappointment is, I did not get the ticket for my preference date so I’ll go with different plan. So now, just go working and save the date, I don’t have to worry about year end vacation anymore.

NB: I was a bit disappointed with travel agent who issued my tickets. Because they were very busy during the event, they asked me to wait for two working days before receiving e-tickets to my e-mail. After waiting for two working days, no tickets coming to my inbox. I went to Cathay Pacific head office – fortunately it is located on the same building with my current workplace, just to find out that they couldn’t help more and directed me to go back with travel agent. After bunch of telephone calls to the travel agents and with the help of Cathay Pacific twitter account, I finally got them.

*Notes: price in Indonesian Rupiahs


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