Harry Styles New Album & Concert

Since I’ve been a Directioner (One Direction fan), every single song and new album always be a long-waiting. At this time, when I was on vacation, Harry Styles launched his new album (May 12, 2017). After I arrived in London again in the next two days, I was searching for his physical CD album – although I had subscribed this on my Spotify playlist. I visited first shop, HMV on Oxford Street (just a block away from Bond Street Underground Station).

Harry Styles New Album

I chose this store because during my first arrival in London, I bought One Direction DVD here and saw their collections of CD and vinyl records are much enough especially when you can easily get favorite music from online streaming and purchase.

But still, I guessed it wrong. When I thought this CD will still be available because no one seek for buying physical CD nowadays, I stepped out from HMV store with a disappointment. “I’m really sorry, but we don’t have Harry Styles CD stocks anymore. It has been sold out in two days,” said a salesman after getting a reply from his colleague about availability of this thing. “Yeah, thank you,” I replied.

HMV Store, Oxford Street, London

I opened my google browser to search other HMV store in London. I was at Shaftesbury Avenue after buying some souvenirs and luckily there was a shop called FOPP. They sell books and CDs, so there was a hope but little, obviously. How can a smaller store has a most wanted CD but bigger store doesn’t have the stocks anymore?

I went there with a small hope, luckily got found the CD. Although it was a bit expensive, 10 GBP, I still bought it. That’s true that they have more books to sell than CDs, but perhaps that was my lucky day 🙂

Second thing, about his concert. I was about to go to his concert in Singapore next November. He announced that he will be on tour started on September including North America and Asia. Singapore is on the list, November 23.

Because I was on holiday, I didn’t pay attention on selling ticket schedule. It’s different in each country, for Singapore it is limited in 3000 seats with a rule that 1 person only can buy 4 tickets and the buyer must go to the show. Even in the first news I read about this, if I was not mistakenly reading, the tickets can’t be resold. When I read the news, I realized that all tickets have been sold out so I missed it. But I am running out of annual leave this year since I spent it all to my Europe holiday earlier this month, so better forget it. Second reason, although I found some re-seller on internet market, I am not really sure it will be a smooth one. There are many people arguing about this ticket in Singapore, either using physical ticket or e-ticket to be sent by mail. Also, about first buyer that must go to the show, some say it’s not a big deal but others insist the same thing that I read before.

So, I was a bit disappointed at the beginning that I missed this concert, but on the other way maybe it’s better to be like that way since I don’t have to worry about tickets validity.


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