Lenovo Thinkpad X260 Short Review

Disclaimer: this is an amateur review and from an end-user with limited tweaking technology knowledge

This is the prologue, my previous laptop for daily work had broken (Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330). Until now, I don’t know what’s broken actually since it always keep hang for an unknown presence. I then using my other laptop which was very old, Toshiba Satellite L735 with core i3 processor. Just for watching movies, it keep lagging. How about tons of working file loads? Can’t argue, my work’s speed getting slower and it’s unavoidable that I had to buy new one.

I have been a longtime admirer of Lenovo Thinkpad X series, no wonder this time I chose Thinkpad again. I purchased this on last Friday, thanks to courier service from the store who delivered it on the same day – even less than 4 hours since the purchase had been made. Here are the pictures.

The package
After unboxing and install the battery
Turn it on!

This laptop comes with specifications:

Thinkpad X260 Specification

Actually, there is another model of this series which comes with i5 processor. But since the price gap is not large, I took this one.

There is something that doesn’t match with specification above, the operating system comes with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Service Pack 1 with optional upgrade (for free) to Windows 10 Professional. But this is not a problem for me because I am more comfortable with old Windows 7 rather than move again to Windows 10.

I tried to charge the battery until full and drained it until almost empty. It took about 7 hours until reached 10% with load: copying large files, watching movies, listening to music (using Spotify), and standard browsing. And I finally realized something:

Two Batteries?

Does it come with two batteries? I didn’t know this before but the battery long life is actually very helpful for me (meeting room at client usually doesn’t have available slots of wall adapter socket to charge laptops).

I also would like to highlight about the audio. I really love the audio quality from built-in speaker in this laptop, it produces a clear and loud voices from speaker. There is Dolby Audio application to tweak the sound as well.

Dolby Audio App

For keyboard section, it is very soft compared to my old Thinkpad E330. In the beginning I did so much typing mistake but now I’ve adapted with this keyboard. It needs time to adapt from larger screen laptop to the smaller one.

Thinkpad X260 Keyboard


For the price, some people may think it’s overpriced with classic design, mediocre display screen quality, and comes with no touchscreen. But still, it’s good for business traveler (and for me!).


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