33rd League Title!

Just about a year ago, I wrote the post about “The Eleventh To Close The Mixed Season”. Remember when Zinedine Zidane took charge in the middle of season, he cleaned up the mess that Rafa Benitez caused. At that time, we, Madridistas, didn’t put our highest expectation to this Frenchman:

  1. He came in a messed situation.
  2. He didn’t have enough experience, just managing Real Madrid Castilla.

Less than six month since he was appointed as Real Madrid manager, he gave us Champions League title. Now in his first full season as head coach, he gave La Liga title this morning after winning against Malaga at La Rosaleda, something that we only had once in the last 8 years before and he’s heading to present the twelfth title of Champions League trophy for Real Madrid, also to write his name in history book, as the first manager and team to win it second in a row since Champions League format was announced in 1992.

Anyway, here is the fun fact about ZZ that I realized:

  • 9th title, 2002: Zidane scored a famous volley kick goal against Bayer Leverkusen in Champions League final in Hampden Park against Bayer Leverkusen.
  • 10th title, 2014: Zidane as head coach assistant (head coach was Carlo Ancelotti) won 4-1 against Atletico Madrid in Lisbon with famous 92:48 by Sergio Ramos.
  • 11th title, 2016: Zidane as head coach won by the penalties against the same opponent like two years before in San Siro, Milano.
  • Next the 12th? We’ll see.
Zinedine Zidane

The consistency form is showed this season by his squad. Some world class manager even in struggle when some players got injured – especially when the team has to play in several competitions, but Zidane didn’t. That consistency that delivers the team the 33rd league title despite the “ghost penalties” from the competitor team in the last jornada.

Now, we are waiting for 3 June when all eyes over the world focused on Cardiff, where Zidane can prove himself as the first manager to win two Champions League title in two years in a row with the same team since Champions League format.

But despite whatever the result in CL final will be, I hope and am pretty sure he and we will win, Zidane has already had a special place in Madridistas’ heart.

Some people were just born great, one of them is Zinedine Zidane.


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