London Eye

One of the most popular attraction, a tourist that must visit in London is undeniable, London Eye. I had some bad luck related to this thing during my last vacation. After purchasing the entry ticket online (together with Madame Tussauds), I went to visit London Eye (underground stop at Waterloo) but the queue was very long, it was one of the longest queue I’ve ever seen in my life, give a tough competition to free groceries distribution, open house during Eid Al Fitr in Indonesia, and Apple Store queue during iPhone first day selling.

Because I suddenly remembered it was holiday and long weekend (May Bank holiday), I decided to come back at another day.

I came back to London Eye and that time after coming back from Stonehenge, I was late to come in. London Eye closed at 6 PM. I could not enter. Having a hard feeling about this, I used my last day to check and started to queue from early morning.

I arrived at London Eye at 9:30 AM, having rush here and there because I had my ticket but not really sure if it could be used directly or I needed to head to ticketing office again, I started to queue at 10 AM. After waiting for an hour and almost enter the capsule, the officer announced London Eye was closing down because of technical issues. They distributed a paper said that we could use that form back in the paper to claim our ticket for extension or refund.

Totally, it took three times for me to attempt to go to London Eye but sadly none of them was successful.

London Eye

I then left and went to souvenir shop with ice cream afterwards. Realizing that they operated again, I tried to queue and enter again but the queue already getting longer. Having exhausted after an hour standing, I decided to ask for refund by mailing the paper. One bad luck came again that I lost my 10 GBP souvenirs because I forgot to bring it with me in the garden while sitting and eating ice cream. Remembering about the crowd at the garden, I thought it was gone already.

Big Ben, a view while waiting to London Eye entrance

To heal the disappointments, I took a night bus tour with Golden Tours for 18 GBP. I recorded a video for some remarkable places, one of them is that London Eye which is not friendly for me. Here is the video I uploaded on Youtube. That night bus tour was entertaining enough, we passed Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben (of course), this London Eye, etc. Recommended.


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