SQ 318 – Singapore (SIN) to London (LHR)

This is long haul flight and continuing the journey from the last post SQ 953 from Jakarta to Singapore. As this was my third experience in super long haul flight with 13,5 hours in the sky, I had prepared myself to stay fit and fresh to enjoy my 3 weeks holiday. Seems like jetlag did not occur when I flew to the west but it only happened when I came back to the east – the same experience like two years ago from Stockholm and Amsterdam.

Alright, as this is the report of the journey here we go the pictures.

Arrived at Changi, went straight to information centre to check gate
The gate was B2
Prepared to boarding
We were going to boarding
The plane, a home for the next 13.5 hours
People on board
Welcome Warm on IFE
Arrival/Immigration Card was distributed afterwards
Take Off was delayed about 30 minutes due to traffic condition in Singapore sky
We were flying
Started to enjoy the flight by listening music
Toilet inspection
Toilet inspection, clean and tidy
Toilet inspection
Toilet inspection
Menu Book
Menu Book
Menu Book, first it was wrongly distributed, SIN to SFO. Crew took it back and gave us the right one.
Amenities from SQ, contains toothbrush and socks
Lunch soon was distributed by the crew, I chose beef with pasta.
Including an apple too
Approaching United Kingdom, dinner was served. Chicken with mashed potatoes.
We were going to landing shortly
View from the sky, seemed we already entered United Kingdom
I was pretty sure this is London
Load factor in this flight was about 100%, no empty seat as far as I saw
Starting to descent
Landing, here we go after 13.5 hours in the sky
Cathay Pacific ready to go working
Garuda Indonesia at Heathrow
We arrived at Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal
Arrival Section at Heathrow

We landed at Heathrow about 7:30 PM, 30 minutes delayed because late take off from Changi Singapore (take off time was 1:10 PM, scheduled 12:30 PM) and seemed there was a heavy traffic in Heathrow as well. Immigration check, baggage claim, and took the Hoppa bus to the hotel, I arrived at 9:30 PM at Mercure Hotel Heathrow. I chose this hotel because I needed to off to Manchester early in the morning and surely it will be explained on separated airline review.

  • In Flight Entertainment: 8/10
  • Food/Meals: 8/10
  • Changi Airport (SIN): 8.5/10
  • London Heathrow (LHR): 7.5/10
  • Cleanliness: 8/10
  • Cabin Crew: 8/10
  • Baggage Claim: 8/10

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