Watching Football: AC Milan vs AS Roma

A fun fact of me, although I’ve been an avid football fan since I was a kid, I must admit that never even once in my life I went to football stadium to watch the game live before 7 May 2017. Some friends had chance to watch my national team’s home game during South Asean tournament or World Cup Qualifying, but I never had any interest on it.

Before my vacation, I checked my calendar and found a big match in Italy: AC Milan vs AS Roma with precise date as my plan to visit Milan on the date. So I managed to buy the ticket from AC Milan official website. Why I chose this game?

  • It’s a big match
  • I am AC Milan supporter in Serie A and I wanted to see Francesco Totti’s last days as footballer.
  • Strategic date

OK, I chose the orange seat (Poltroncine Arancio), gate 15, block 163, Row 6. It’s close enough for me to see some players near the goal net, but unfortunately not close enough to check the bench. This sector’s ticket costed me 70 EUR.

The Ticket

The gate was opened two hours before kick off time, it was 18:45. Outside the stadium there were lots of food trucks selling chips, sandwiches, snacks, drinks, etc. I bought some french fries for my dinner that night.

Here is the view from my seat:

San Siro Stadium, AC Milan vs AS Roma, 7 May 2017

Most of spectators were staying outside until last minute before players had warmed up session just to eat and drink. Drink bottle’s cap was prohibited to be taken into the stadium (would be thrown away by the officer guard at gate’s security check). But if you are too lazy to get out and feel hungry, don’t worry there was a man who selling ice cream, beverages, and snacks inside the stadium – sometimes this was quite annoying because blocking spectators’ view to the field.

In case of emergency of hungry, you can reach this man

Alright, without saying more words here are the pictures of the rest of that night.

Players were warming up
After warming up session
Both teams came to the field
The match
A tribute for Francesco Totti by AC Milan ultras, respect!
The stadium after the match
San Siro by night
It took about 30 minutes before I could enter to the station because of this long queue (only 500 persons could be permitted to enter every 7 minutes)

The match itself was won by away team, AS Roma, 1-4. I didn’t remember goalscorer, but seemed like Edin Dzeko made double goal in the first half, another ones by Stephan El Sharawy and Daniele De Rossi from penalty spot. AC Milan hit the net by Pasalic when away teams led by two goals.

Unfortunately, when watching football live at the stadium, there was no replay could be seen.

Other things to note, to get home after the match it was quite difficult because the traffic. It’s better to wait for a while before leaving the stadium and get into the metro train. The station (San Siro Station) only allowed 500 persons for each session (there was a automatic counter in the entry gate) so we had to wait and queue for about 30 minutes.

When I rode the train on the way back to my hotel (to Bignami station which was at the same line with San Siro), two first stations from San Siro Stadium were skipped (San Siro Ippodromo and Segesta). So if you intended to stop to those stations, maybe you’ll have to check if the train stop there or alternatively you can use bus or taxi or just stop at Lotto and seek for the opposite route to San Siro Stadio.

It’s not a good night for AC Milan fans, a win that kept AS Roma to eye the league title (but eventually it was won by Juventus), but still, a night to remember as my first experience watching football live at the stadium and it was the famous San Siro or Giuseppe Meazza in Internazionale Milan language.

Here is the video that I recorded just before the kick off:


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