First (and Last) Time To Fly With British Airways (BA 1382)

An hour flight from London Heathrow to Manchester Airport was supposed to be less tiring and I would have a lot of time to enjoy a sightseeing in Manchester. I planned to go to Manchester less than 24 hours before continuing my journey to Liverpool and stay there for single night.

In the beginning, I had so many options to select the method of journey such as by train or by plane. But seeing all the possibilities and I intended to reduce journey time, eventually journey by plane was a better choice.

Cabin Ambience – BA 1382

I also considered that British Airways was a flag carrier in United Kingdom so the service must be well-known and high rated standard.

But this was the beginning of problem, this airline had ruined my journey. Thanks to baggage issue and double transaction. Disclaimer, this is my own and true experience.

As soon as we landed at Manchester Airport, I turned on my phone and retrieving my personal emails. I received an alert from British Airways that one of my two bags still left in London and would be included on the next flight which would be arrived at Manchester by 9 AM.

I bought a cadbury chocolate milk, without spoon to mix the powder

I reported the incident to Lost & Found Luggage and was served by an officer which was looked like Wayne Rooney. He told me in beautiful English accent, “You can write down your address in Manchester so we will deliver it to you today.” I asked him, “Should I wait here until 9 to receive my baggage or should I go and the bag will be delivered to Liverpool?” He replied me just to write my address either in Manchester or in Liverpool the bag would be sent there anyway.

I was not satisfied with the answer because my essentials needs were packed on that bag, such as clothes and soaps. But right, I didn’t stay at Manchester for that night because I had a train ticket to Liverpool in the night. But I still called British Airways customer service by phone, asked them about the destiny of my bag. I received the reply with Indian accent that the bag would be delivered by today but err.. we (they) were not sure when it could be delivered to you. I asked for one more time to convince myself if they can deliver it to my Liverpool address, they answered me “Maybe we can send to your address in Manchester!”

Morning local newspaper was for free
Manchester Airport
Flight Information Board

I then left to Manchester Piccadilly Station to store my bag but still I was thinking a lot about my missing bag. After 9 AM I called them back and asked about my bag but they (once again) were not sure where it was, either it was arrived already at Manchester, still in London, or on the way to Liverpool. I wasted a half day in Manchester just to have a clear information about my (very important) bag.

Then I went to Manchester Industry Museum and Old Trafford Stadium before going back to Piccadilly to pick up my bag. A blessing in disguise, I only brought a bag with me instead of two and only paid for one bag in Manchester left luggage store. I kept monitoring the status of my bag on my phone via a link that was sent by TS Courier (the partner of British Airways to send the missing baggage to its owner).

While waiting for the train in the station, I received an alert that my bag had arrived in Liverpool. Soon, I reach the receptionist at Apple Apartment in Liverpool, asked her if she already received my bag and yes, my bag was there. Thanks God! Finally it was there. One issue had been solved although it costed me hours and many pounds to make numbers of calls.

Another issue came when I had just come back to work after the vacation. I checked my credit card balance and they charged me double for the food I purchased on board.

I was charged twice for the food on board!

Because it was charged twice on different day, the rate was different!

I contacted their customer service and here is the reply I got:

Alright, they diverted this case to the third party, Tourvest

In the night after I sent the message contained my contact number and flight reference number, a man who had an Indian heavy accent called me and explained that they were investigating the issue, asked me to be patience and wait.

Transaction Receipt

There was no update to me until the global issue came.

Checking today, there was no reduction and still I’ve got no update from anyone, neither British Airways or Tourvest. I could understand their customer service was still busy to respond bunch of questions asking for compensation during the major global issue two weeks ago but yet my case was one of their million problems.

And this is why I’ll never choose to fly with them anymore. Enough is enough.

Here is the rating:

  • In Flight Entertainment: none
  • Food/Meals: 5/10
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR): 7.5/10
  • Manchester Airport (MAN): 5/10
  • Cleanliness: 7/10
  • Cabin Crew: 7/10
  • Baggage Claim: 5/10

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