Finally, Harry Styles Concert!

This is the sequence from previous post last month about my disappointment not getting Harry Styles’ concert ticket in Singapore this year. Remember I was on holiday and didn’t seek the ticket availability and sale started shortly after the announcement, I still looked for the re-selling ticket until the end of May.

Read my previous post here.

After I gave up about this ticket, on 8 June suddenly Harry launched another series of tour for 2018. He also spread the venue into many cities, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Manila. Singapore is on the loop also although he will visit Singapore too in series of 2017. I still prefer to go for the show in Singapore for some reasons, one of them is because Singapore is very close to my home country so it’s easy to get the tickets with many options of flight.

I checked Bandsintown app and found the ticket in Singapore would be on sale starting from 16 June at 10 AM local time (GMT+8). At the same time, Hongkong also would be on sale. Bangkok ticket could be bought starting from 10 AM local time (GMT+7).

I cleared up my tasks at work and meetings at 9 AM (GMT+8) in order to get the tickets. I didn’t want to waste this chance again, I had to buy the ticket! So after a smooth process, although initially I preferred to buy section PB1 and it was full and I got reassigned seat to another sector. Check out and buy so here is my ticket for next May. Can’t wait to see you, H.

Harry Styles Ticket For Next Year

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