Helsinki Trip

At the end of my holiday to Europe, I stopped at Helsinki before going to England again on the way home. I knew in the beginning not so much to see in Helsinki, a quiet city compared to Copenhagen or Stockholm – actually when I went there, Copenhagen was not so crowded as many Danish went to Malmo. Just to answer my curiosity about this country, a wide nation which leads passport power and education system in the world.

So here is the photo gallery from my 2 days in the capital city of Finland.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport
Took the Finnair bus to the city
Buying Helsinki tourist card/pass
Sibelius Monument
Helsinki Metro Map, very simple
I also tried the rapid train
This is the metro station, the only one I’ve ever been in Helsinki, Helsinki Yliopisto (University of Helsinki)
The Univesity of Helsinki building
Centre Station
Amusement park in Helsinki named Linnanmaki
Aleksanterinkatu, shopping centre and busy street
Skywheel in Helsinki
Skywheel in Helsinki
I saw a lot of statue in Helsinki
A park
Also, a lot of view like this
Tram station
Including a digital board information in each station
Senate Square, this picture was taken at 9 PM
Senate Square
What I love at the most from Helsinki, the nature and view like this

When I was H-3 before going to Helsinki, I read somewhere that Helsinki was still snowing. It was unexpected and abnormal since the climate was supposed to be in Spring mode. As I didn’t have a lot of sweater, I decided to buy one in Prague, but when I arrived at Helsinki the weather was clear – but cold, still. In the night the temperature could reach 2 Celcius and -1 at the max during the dawn.

One thing that I saw in Helsinki was this city was not so crowded, only few people if compared to London, which was crowded and I never saw so many people in a city in my life, even Jakarta and Singapore have less, I guess. However, the city was considered safe for citizens and tourists. I saw a little boy, around 7 years old, he was going home after school time and traveled alone without parents or older siblings. Surprisingly he could do it all alone, read the maps, waiting at the right station, playing games on the mobile phone while waiting the bus came, tap the card on bus when entering, etc.

Surely 4 hours behind the time of my hometown in spring made it easier for me to communicate with people at home.


3 thoughts on “Helsinki Trip

  1. Nice photos. You said: “Helsinki, a quiet city” Is it a good thing or not? Personally, I love silence not noise, because then I can listen to my own thoughts. Why did You not visit outside Helsinki? You could have easily to travel to Porvoo in one hour, where its old town is gorgeous as on all of our coastline towns.

    If You ever again visit Finland, then travel to outside Helsinki and get experiences. What about to hike on some of our Arctic hills among freely roaming reindeers and at the same time visit the Arctic Circle or to cruise on some of our lakes onboard of a historic steam ship or at mid-summer to experience nightless night (no sun set). There are so many possibilities to get unique experiences.

    Happy and safe travels!


    1. Hi Sartenada,

      For me a quiet city is good, since I ever experienced a very crowded city like London or even in my hometown, Jakarta, it’s too crowded.

      I really wanted to visit Espoo but I didn’t manage to do so because I wrongly took the bus, will do next time! I also want to visit Rovaniemi, which I wish to do in winter time.

      And thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hello.

    Espoo has not a real centers, but small. Rovaniemi itself do not offer so much to watch, but near to it there the Arctic Circle. In winter it is must visit place.

    One example from my collections:

    Roosevelt log Cabin.

    In summer, it is quite quiet:

    Beyond the Arctic Circle1.

    Oulu in winter offers experience, which is unique in the world:

    Reindeer race.

    Depending on Your interest, You could visit in summer these for example:

    Medieval castle of Olavinlinna.

    Cruise to Rock paintings.

    Happy and safe travels.


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