One Direction (Might) Not Return

The last “History” video clip indicates it, at least until now, we never hear any strong signals about this reunion. The fantastic four now are in hiatus and pursue their own personal career, following the ex fellow, Zayn Malik. Since the split, Niall Horan was the first to have a single, followed by Louis Tomlinson (feat Steve Aoki) and finally the most loved person in 1D, Harry Styles with “Sign of The Times” and an album came out in order. Liam Payne was the last 1D personnel to have their own music.

In my previous post I mentioned that I bought Harry Styles concert ticket for 2018. So at least until the end of his 2018 tour, One Direction will still be in hiatus. I understand from Louis Tomlinson’s recent interview, although he didn’t indicate clearly in a name, Harry Styles was the only one to insist the plan of temporary split. Without Zayn, 1D still can exist with Harry as strongest figure. But leaving the trio, Liam, Niall, and Louis seems reducing a lot of One Direction’s image.

Harry realized well that he was the front man, 1D can’t run without him after Zayn’s leaving. Remember that all of these five were auditioning as a single singer and then formed into a group by Simon Cowell or Nicole Scherzinger, it was expected that they would be split in the end. It happens now.

So seeing the possibilities, although Niall and Liam repeatedly indicates that “it would be stupid if we don’t return as 1D”, I see it differently. As a Louis’ fan, I am happy now he can enjoy his time to produce some masterpieces without being afraid he was sent back as forgotten man. But as the Directioner, I also still wait when they announce their come back as a group, not in individuals.

So, based on the facts right now, I think it’s quite impossible to see the reunion soon. No one wants to see a boyband come back in their 30s, so as one of the rap star said, they should have come back together as soon as possible. But who knows the future and I hope I was wrong.


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