Vatican Visit

On the second day of my visit to Rome, I managed to visit the headquarter of Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City which also is the smallest country in the world. Here are the pictures:


Some notable notes as usual:

  • I visited Vatican in the spring (beginning of May) and the weather was very hot. Make sure to bring enough mineral water with you to avoid dehydration.
  • I strongly recommended if you want to visit Vatican and go inside the museum and chapel, buy the online tickets. It costs you a bit euros than buy on the spot but you’ll save plenty of time in queue. Don’t forget to print it at home or the hotel before going to Vatican.
  • I also encourage the tourists to check their tickets and understand the whole sections they want to visit. Scammers were waiting outside the museum entry, forced me and others to buy additional pack to enter the Piazza San Pietro, which was free. Just because in my tickets, my visit type was “Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel”. I was confused at first, because I was pretty sure when I bought the tickets that I bought the complete tour pack, I managed did the research then and found the piazza and basilica entry was free. Don’t easily get cheated by this trick.
  • Surrounding restaurants were a bit expensive. Make sure you have had enough meals in Rome, which was cheaper.

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