Recent Food Photographs – 2017

I used to upload the pictures of my food on my social media but I thought I didn’t have a lot of time uploading or updating something anymore because I have been so busy with my work. But let’s summarize here some interesting of food I ate before with the place name included inside.

One Direction (Might) Not Return

The last “History” video clip indicates it, at least until now, we never hear any strong signals about this reunion. The fantastic four now are in hiatus and pursue their own personal career, following the ex fellow, Zayn Malik. Since the split, Niall Horan was the first to have a single, followed by Louis Tomlinson […]

Finally, Harry Styles Concert!

This is the sequence from previous post last month about my disappointment not getting Harry Styles’ concert ticket in Singapore this year. Remember I was on holiday and didn’t seek the ticket availability and sale started shortly after the announcement, I still looked for the re-selling ticket until the end of May. Read my previous […]