Helsinki Trip

At the end of my holiday to Europe, I stopped at Helsinki before going to England again on the way home. I knew in the beginning not so much to see in Helsinki, a quiet city compared to Copenhagen or Stockholm – actually when I went there, Copenhagen was not so crowded as many Danish […]

Schengen Visa Application Tips

I have applied for Schengen visa twice in my life. As Indonesian passport holder, I can’t enter to European Union countries without having a valid visa. Luckily, my visa applications so far were smooth, without re-applying, rush, and rejection. For first attempt in 2015 I managed to apply from Netherlands Embassy in HR Rasuna Said […]

Madrid, Spain

This is still the sequence of my Europe trip series. The next step was Madrid, the capital city of Spain. This was the most memorable place and my favorite journey so far. I went there by using Air France airplane, AF1400 that departed from Charles de Gaulle for the last flight of that day. I […]